This is our third "Ten Things" episode and it's stuffed with all kinds of foods that have probably never been together before.

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It's time for the 20th Annual Guest Chefs Dinner Series at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, and we're sharing the experience. First is our interview with the first Guest Chef of 2009, Aida Mollenkamp. She's the popular host of "Ask Aida" on the Food Network and also the food editor at, but she spent time in Ithaca earning her degree at the Cornell Hotel School. She's got a lot of energy and enthusiasm for regional cooking and was very excited to be back in Ithaca. We also have a special dining review for this episode all about our experiences at the Guest Chef dinner with the James Beard Award-winning chef José Andrés. A master of combining the old-world flavors of Spain with modern avant guard techniques, his restaurants in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles have made him one of the most successful chefs in the country. It was an amazing dinner and you can see photos of every single dish and bottle of wine we were served on our Flickr page (, along with notes and sources for some of the ingredients. Please visit our website at for full show notes and links for this episode!
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